Smethport RD 3
RD 3

PFC Vernie W. Rounsville
175th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division

Killed in Action: August 29, 1944

Plot L, Row 6, Grave16
Brittany American Cemetery
St. James, France

Tech Sergeant Fred V. Clutter
HQ Company
304th Infantry Regiment
76th Infantry Division

Died of Wounds: March 19, 1945
Kesten, Germany

Awarded the Silver Star posthumously for distinguishing himself by gallantry in action. During the crossing of the Mosel River a soldier became wounded in a mine field. Sgt. Clutter volunteered to assist and lead the evacuation party which he rowed across the river to a point near the position of the wounded soldier. he jumped from the boat and began clearing a path to the man. When he discovered evacuation could be effected only by litter, he began to clear a space in which the litter could be placed. While probing this area Clutter accidentally set off a mine and was mortally wounded.

Plot B, Row 5, Grave 12
Luxembourg American Cemetery
Hamm, Luxembourg

James Florentine
Wounded in Action: France
Earl J. Sprester
Wounded in Action: France

William A. Burdick
Wounded in Action: Luxembourg
Prisoner of War: Germany

Paul Atkins
Eugene Bailey
James Albert Baker
John robert Berg
Oscar L. Bertron
Clifford John Booth
Edwin Joseph Booth
Lee France Booth
Clayton Donald Bickford
Jesse Lou Bishop
Prentiss Brenton
John F. Brown
Harold A. Burdick
Harold Burgess
Edward William Caldwell
Irving Eugene Caldwell
Floyd A. Canfield
Martin Carl Carlson
Richard Carlson
Jay Edward Chapman, Jr.
Stanley Chase
Glenn C. Church
Floyd A. Cosper, Jr.
Robert Gale Cosper
John R. Conkle
Raymond M. Dalton, Jr.
George Dean
Ralph Lionel Dean
Robert H. Dean
Chalres Robert Digel
Larry Harold Donovan
Walter F. Eschrich
Almon F. Ford
Lewis F. Greenman
George D. Hibbard
Merton Thomas Hibbard
George D. Hibbard
Robert A. Hall
Edward Head, Jr.
Clarence J. Herbert
Raymond Clarence Hough
Gordon Ernest Johnston
Paul B. Johnston
Quentin Carl Johnson
Robert William Jones
Richard A. Larson
Clair Bob Lloyd
Glark G. Love
Grant Owen Love
Harry E. Martin
John Wayland McCowan
John A. McAnallan
Lester W. McKee
Gerald Mencer
Richard A. Miller
Donald Burtren Miller
Lyle E. Miller
Frank J. Miller
Martin L. Parker
Lawrence James Putnam
Clifford Rice
Royden Rothrock
Walter Bradeen Russell
Leon Eugene Scowden, Jr.
Frank A. Simsick
Franz Babb Slocum
Joseph Henry Sloan
Leonard William Slocum
Robert Smith
Arthur Floyd Sprester
Forrest Revere Sprester
Arthur Richard Swanson
Ralph Burdette Swatsler
Clyde T. Sweeley
Rex Scowden
Ralph Scowden
Howard C. Sparks
Everett Allan Strong
Glenn Swatsler
Donald M. Thornton
John Frank Tanner
Chester John Tanner
Carold Upthegrove
Walter Leroy Weimer
Melverne Loraine Williams
James E. Williams