Building No 15: Ammonium Nitrate Screening
Ammonium Nitrate is brought down on the narrow gage train from Building No 9 to Building No 15.
It is screened preparatory to being heated and mixed with TNT
Another view of TNT being handled in the screening building.
View of passageway running from Building No 15 where the Ammonium Nitrate and TNT are screened to the third floor of Building No 13, where they are heated. The TNT melter may be seen at the far end of the passageway.
TNT Magazine
View of TNT Storage Magazine, Building No 38. The building is constructed of hollow cement blocks filled with sand. A false roof with six inches of sand is below the metal roof. The blocks are made with a weak cement mixture so that in case of an explosion they will disintergrate rather than fracture. Note the earth barricades on three sides.