Building No 20: Shell Packing
South elevation of Building No 20 and 20A.
West elevation of Building No 20 and 20A.
In the distance may be seen the end of Building No 26, Loaded Shell Storage, with the narrow gage track leading to it.
From the fuse assembly, the bombs are conveyed into Building No 20 for the tail assembly. This view shows the propelling charges being inserted into the tail. Note the stenciling on the bomb body and the stripes below the burley. Also note form of block used to hold bombs upright on the conveyor for the tail assembly.
View of the interior of Building No 20 showing various steps in the tail assembly. At the left, the retaining springs are being threaded through the holes in the fins, and next the augmenting charges are being inserted. At the right, the tail covers are being put on.
View showing the loaded bombs being inserted in the bomb carriers and the carriers being placed in the shipping boxes.
Note the stenciling on the bomb carriers and also on the metal shipping boxes.
Loaded Shell Storage
Building No 26 are where bomb shells are stored awaiting proof results and are then transported on the narrow gauge train
and loaded into the freight cars for shipment to the military.