Building No 36: Tetryl Mixing
The Tetryl Mixing building is used merely for the blending of Tetryl. For certain pellets, Tetryl must be mixed with a small amount of graphite. The building is heavily barricaded and air conditioned. The small building at the left contains the air conditioning.
Interior view of the Tetryl Mixing building showing the mixing barrel which is operated by an explosion proof motor. This motor is controlled by a switch 100 feet or more from the building. The charge is placed in the mixer, then the operator goes out, locks the door to the building and then walks to the switch, which is beyond the barricade and turns it on to start the mixer. The mixer is never run with anyone inside the building.
The Tetryl Storage Magazine, Building No 25, was used for the storage of Crystaline Tetryl used in stemming and the granulated Tetryl used in the making of pellets and loading the exploder bags. Like all magazines, it was heavily barricaded.