Building No 44: Exploder Bags
Exploder "B" Bags are usually shipped with #119 Fuses. Building No 44 is used exclusively for loading these bags. The site was excavated from the hill and the building is barricaded on three sides with earth.
General view of the interior of Building No 44. Tetryl is loaded into the bags at the far end of the room. Note that the girls tieing the bags do so inside so-called "lighthouses" working through hand holes, to keep Tetryl dust from the room.
Bags are filled, several at a time, by means of the dispensing device shown in the center.
The blocks of loaded bags are then set on the vibrator at the right to settle them to the proper density.
After the bags are tied, they are stamped with the lot number, date and company initials, weighted, and packed in boxes to be sent to the #119 Fuse packing building, to be packed with the fuse.
The Exploder Bag Magazine is used only for the storage of excess stock of loaded Exploder "B" Bags. Unlike the other magazines it is built of sheet metal construction instead of cement blocks, but as may be seen, is barricaded on all sides except for the path.