Building No 55: Pellet Container Assembly
The Booster pellet or adaptor used in the 3" Trench Mortar Bomb is inserted in a paper container, sealed in and shellacked.
This also necessitates drying in a drying oven.
Interior view showing assembly of pellets in containers, pasting, shellacking and packing in trays ready for the drier.
Close up view showing interior of drier and method of stacking trays. Note roller conveyor.
Trays are put in at one end and come out the other. Trays have screen bottoms to permit flow of air and hasten drying.
Close up view showing design of pellet drier. It is heated y means of a unit heater, the hot air being forced in at one end and drawn off at the other. The oven is completely insulated.
The Propellant Storage Magazine, Building No 24, was used for the storage of the propellant cartridges and augmenting charges used in the tail assembly of the 3" Trench Mortar Bomb. The construction is typical of all other facility magazines.