On 27 March 2004, American forces engaged a battle-hardened German enemy. The terrain was heavily wooded, with large hills, abandoned railroad grades, swamps and a large dam across the valley, similiar to what American forces faced when attacking the Rur dam area in 1945. The weather was warm, a heavy fog in the morning and the ground saturated from rains the night before. The Americans engaged the enemy on three occasions, almost always 'uphill' and succeeded in capturing their targets with heavy losses on each side. With over 60 participants fighting there was lots of heavy firing from machine guns and rifles. The Germans had superior fire power with numerous MG-42's and sub-machine guns. When the fighting was all done, several of us took part in an authentic German dinner and swapped stories about the day's fighting. A great time was had by all and we are all looking forward to another springtime offensive along the Rhine!
Order of Battle
American Forces
German Forces
5th Infantry Division
38th Pioneer Batt., 2nd Panzer Division
28th Infantry Division
9th SS Hohenstaufen Division
1st Infantry Division
916th Regiment, 352nd Grenadier Division
5th Rangers
5th Gebirgsjäger Division
101st Airborne Division
1st SS Adolf Hitler Division
99th Infantry Division
Luftwaffe Hermann Göring Division
29th Infantry Division
Ukrainian Waffen SS volunteers