APO 449

It is agreed by the Members:

Portrayal of a U.S. Infantry rifle squad of the years 1944-1945 in the European Theatre of Operations.
This means NO German, Japanese, Italian or any other enemies of the United States, during WWII. All potential members must chose before joining this squad. LOYALTY TO THIS SQUAD, AND YOUR COUNTRY IS A REQUIREMENT FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THIS ORGANIZATION.

Uniform and equipment must be of the type listed in the uniform requirements. NO enemy equipment, or weapons are allowed to be carried by any member of this squad.

A battlefield appearance is the object of all members in good standing. Any other dress uniforms, etc., remains the sole discretion of the individual member and may be worn for other occasions. (Parades, living histories, veterans events, etc.)

All members shall be at least 16 years of age.

We portray a rifle squad, during events, all members must function as a unit unless directed otherwise. (Showboating is not tolerated, you are under command of your NCO, or officer).

No beards, one - three days growth is ok. Hairstyle and facial hair shall be that of the 1941-45 period. Hair cannot extend past the middle of the ear, over the ear, and length shall be above the collar. Properly trimmed mustaches, as per U. S. Army regulations are OK.

Safety is our Number 1 priority: All members are responsible for their own safety and that of other members. No weapon shall be discharged directly at anyone closer then 25 yards. All knives, bayonets, etc. are for display use and are to be kept in scabbards at all times. No bayonets on rifles.

At no time will live ammunition be carried or stored, on any member or his property, at any combat reenactment, living history or parade. Failure to follow this important rule will mean immediate dismissal from this unit.

All weapons will be kept EMPTY of blanks at all times. This includes combat reenactments, living histories and parades untill orders are given to load by the acting squad leader. All weapons are to be cleared of all blanks immediately at the conclusion of an event where blank firing was required. Each member is responsible for his weapon. NCO's shall check for compliance.

A elected NCO, shall have a minimum of 2 years experience in a recognized reenactment unit or service. They will also be responsible for the safety, conduct and authenticity of all members. He will also attend officer meetings, etc. Minimum age is 21.

NCO's or officer's serve a maximum of 1 year term. All members in good standing shall be eligible. Elections are in the beginning of each new year. Members cannot run for more than 1 term until all eligible possible NCO's are exhausted.

The squads, issues, schedules, planning, and concerns will be addressed at regular meetings. Newsletters are sent to all members on a regular basis.