Eldred & Vicinity Gold Stars




Private Nathaniel F. Nichols
Company I, "McKean County Rifles", BUCKTAILS
1st Rifle Regiment, P.R.V.C.
42nd Regiment, 13th Reserves, Kane's Rifles

Died of Wounds: October 29, 1861
Age: 29
Skirmish at Hunter's Mill, Virginia

Buried: Section 13, Site 12456
Arlington National Cemetery, VA


The BUCKTAILS moved to Camp Piermont, Langley, Virginia, on October 10, 1861. Lieutenant Colonel Kane led an expedition of Companies A, G, H, I and K to Hunter's Mill area on October 20, 1861, and encountered a unit of Louisiana Zouaves (Tigers) and a skirmish ensued with casualties on both sides and the Louisiana Zouaves withdrew from the field.

Lieutenant Bruce B. Rice
Allegany Bridge (Eldred)
Company I, "McKean County Rifles", BUCKTAILS
1st Rifle Regiment, P.R.V.C.
42nd Regiment, 13th Reserves, Kane's Rifles

Wounded: June 8, 1862
Battle of Cross Keys, Virginia
Died of Wounds: June 14, 1862

Lieutenant Rice was an original volunteer of the "Bucktails" that organized in Smethport in April 1861. He was the son of Almon (1800 - 1878) and Almira (1813 - 1903) Rice, of Eldred.
(both buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred)

Report of Capt. Hugh McDonald, Kane Rifle Battalion,
June 9, 1862.

DEAR SIR: In obedience to orders I yesterday morning reported with my command to Brigadier-General Stahel, commanding First Brigade, General Blenker's division, and was by him detailed to support Captain Buell's battery of his brigade, and accordingly I accompanied it to the front, where one of our batteries had already engaged the enemy. After waiting for a short time under cover of a wood the rattle of small-arms in advance showed us where our infantry had engaged them, and directly we were ordered to cross the strip of woods on our right and engage the enemy. The movement was executed promptly, and immediately upon our emerging from the wood we attracted the attention of the enemy, who threw a few shot and shell at us, one of which struck Private John McElhaney, of Company C, inflicting a severe wound in the leg; another struck a member of Company A, Twentyseventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers (which was deployed along a fence in advance of us), blowing him to fragments.

Fortunately our coarse led us down into a ravine under cover, and another hollow at right angles with it enabled the battery to advance across the entire field and take up a position with their caissons well under cover. I placed my command in the first-mentioned hollow, and ordered the men to lie down, which was done in good order, but a few minutes' observation convinced me that I was too far to the right and too nearly in the range of our guns for safety. Accordingly I moved the command more to the left and down the hollow, and again ordered them to lie down. Most of the shells flew over us, but one burst right in our midst, wounding Private Edmond Debeck, of Company G, and tearing the pants of Lieut. T. B. Winslow, of same company. In the mean time tbe rattle of musketry steadily advancing toward our position told me that the enemy were gaining ground upon the other side of the wood, and presently orders came to fall back and bring ott' the battery.

The Twenty-seventh formed in column by division and I formed in line of battle upon their left, in which positions we advanced into the wood at a double-quick, and owing to a high fence which we had to clamber over entered it in some confusion, the Twenty-seventh still on my right and the battery coming up on my left. We found it already occupied by the enemy, and received a volley, which killed 1 and wounded 5 of Company I, of my command. We immediately opened upon them, driving them out of the wood at the point of the bayonet. The battery also unlimbered two pieces and double-shotted them, bat so eager were the men and so rapid the firing that I could not rally the men in time to allow the guns to play without endangering onr own men. So soon as possible I rallied my command, and the Twenty-seventh having also retired in rear of the guns, we waited to give them a taste of grape, but the brush was too dense to allow us to see tbem, and we came on.

Upon emerging from the wood we were opened upon by our own batteries, who had retired and taken up a position some distance in the rear. The prompt display of the flag of the Twentyseventh Regiment soon put a stop to that, with the loss of one or two horses by the battery, and we came in bringing in our wounded. Where all behaved so well it would be invidious to mention names, and hoping that we may always acquit ourselves as well in future, I have the honor to subscribe myself yours,

respectfully, HUGH McDONALD, Captain, Commanding Kane Rifle Battalion.
Brigadier-General BAYARD, Commanding Brigade.

Tombstone Inscription:
John A. Morris, son of Rev. S. D. and E. C. Morris. DIED Mar. 23, 1865
Aged 20 yrs 10 m's & 19 days.
Co. G, 150th Pa. Vol.
A hero of 16 battles from Chancellorsville to Hatchers Run, Feb. 6, 1865.
Glory light the soldier's tomb.

Private John Adoniram Judson Morris
Bullis Mills, Eldred Twp

Company G, 150th Pennsylvania Infantry

Died of Illness: March 23, 1865
Warren, PA
Buried: Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Olean, NY

John Adoniram Judson Morris, named after a Baptist missionary, son of Rev. Samuel D. Morris & Elizabeth C. Knapp, enlisted Aug 18, 1862 in Captain Bell's Company (Co. G), 150th Reg't Pennsylvania Infantry (New Bucktails) at the age of 18. Mustered in Sep 2, 1862 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as a Private. Died of pneumonia March 23, 1865 in Regimental Hospital. Mustered out on Jun 23, 1865 at Elmira, NY. "A hero of 16 battles from Chancellorsville to Hatchers Run, Feb 6, 1865." A 1989 letter from Charles A. Millard, a descendant of Rev. Samuel D. Morris, states, "... He had been home in Eldred or Bullis Mills on leave and helped to put together a raft going to Pittsburgh, Pa. on the Allegheny river but caught pneumonia and was taken off the raft in Warren, Pa. & died there..." He stated that he was on his way back to join his unit. In the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, six plots, called the S.D. Morris Estate, was purchased by Dr. Jacob E. K. Morris on Sep. 9, 1902 upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth Cordelia (Knapp) Morris. The other plots are believed to be filled with family that Dr. Morris moved there from another cemetery, maybe a family cemetery on the farm across the state line at Bullis Mills, PA, although there are no records of the moves.





Private Myron D. Burns

Company F, 7th Infantry Regt, 3rd Infantry Division
Died in France: 23 July 1918, age 18.

Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, posthumously, by the United States Government for extraordinary heroism in action, near Fossoy, France, July 15, 1918.

Although suffering from severe wounds, he killed eight of the enemy with his rifle and bayonet, and crawled about for two days before being picked up. He died shortly after from his wounds.

Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred

Lowell L. Andrus

Aviation Mechanic, US Navy

Died of Disease, 30 September 1918
Great Lakes Training Camp, IL

William R. Dunn
Barden Brook, Eldred

US Marine Corps
Drowned at Sea, Haiti, 21 May 1917

Buried: St. Marys Cemetery, Sartwell


Torpedomans Mate 2/c, William C. Seibert
Duke Center

Submarine USS S-26 (SS-131)

Enlisted: 20 December 1938
Lost at Sea: 24 January 1942

USS S-26 sunk in the Gulf of Panama after collision with patrol craft USS PC-460.

Tablets of the Missing at West Coast Memorial, Presidio, California.

Private First Class Daniel J. Daugherty
Duke Center

803rd Engineer Aviation Battalion, US Army

Missing in Action: 8 April 1942
Corregidor, Philippines

Tablets of the Missing, Manila American Cemetery
Manila, Philippines

Electricians Mate 2/c, Maynard H. Edgar

USS Juneau (sunk)

Missing/Killed in Action: 13 November 1942

The USS Juneau was struck by several Japanese torpedoes and sunk within minutes during the Battle of Guadalcanal. The ship was famous because the five Sullivan brothers were also aboard.
Private Howard E. App

8th Field Artillery Battalion, 25th Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 5 October 1943, age 21.


Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii
Marker: Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred
Sergeant Lawrence Lambilotte

180th Regiment, 45th Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 12 February 1944, Anzio, Italy

Plot I, Row 13, Grave 65
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Nettuno, Italy
Staff Sergeant Chester E. Bair

215th Training Battalion, US Army

Died: 3 April 1944, age 46.

Camp Blanding, Florida

Buried: Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred
Sergeant Bernard DeForest Bova
Duke Center

Company K, 106th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 23 June 1944, age 27
Battle Saipan

Repatriated Remains: 21 Jan 1949
Buried: Olean, NY
Tech Sergeant Walter M. Van Scoter

14th Armored Infantry Battalion, 14th Armored Division,
US Army

Died of Injuries: 12 August 1944, age 23.
Camp Campbell, Kentucky

Buried: Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred
Corporal Burton George Baker

633rd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion,
Coast Artillery Corps, US Army

Killed in Action: 12 September 1944, age 24.

Repatriated Remains: 18 May 1949
Buried: Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred
Private First Class Edgar Wilson Bennett

US Army

Killed in Action: 24 September 1944

Repatriated Remains: 8 July 1949
Buried: Allegany, NY
Private First Class Arnold McKendrick

406th Regiment, 102nd Division, US Army

Wounded: 20 November 1944

Died: 25 November 1944

Plot C, Row 19, Grave 7
Netherlands American Cemetery
Margraten, Netherlands
Staff Sergeant John J. Sherman
Duke Center

Ball Turret Gunner, 545th Bomber Squadron, 384th Bomber Group (Heavy), 8th Army Air Force

Killed in Action: 30 November 1944
16th mission over Leipzig, Germany

Repatriated Remains: 9 December 1948
Buried: Section F, Site 4062, Woodlawn National Cemetery,
Elmira, NY

Private Olin G. Oestreich
Duke Center

Company C, 121st Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 3 December 1944, age 30.

Repatriated Remains: 9 December 1947
Buried: McKean Memorial Park, Mt. Alton
Staff Sergeant Joseph M. Kunkel

Company L, 423rd Regiment, 106th Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 21 December 1944
Battle of the Bulge

Repatriated Remains: 19 April 1949
Buried: St. Bonaventure Cemetery, Allegany, NY

Corporal Paul R. Henton
Duke Center

602nd Medium Tank Company, US Army

Killed in munition explosion: 16 January 1945

Camp Bradford, Virginia

Buried: McKean Memorial Park, Mt. Alton

Sergeant Eugene C. Lewis

18th Regiment, 1st Division, US Army

Killed in Action:1 March 1945, age 31.

Pingsheim, Germany

Plot B, Row 2, Grave 51
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Henri-Chapelle, Belgium

Private First Class George Knickerbocker

104th Infantry Division, US Army

Wounded: 26 February 1945 in Germany
Died of Wounds: 10 March 1945

Repatriated Remains: 12 December 1947
Buried: Portville, NY
Staff Sergeant Lester R. Higley
Duke Center

855th Bomber Squadron, 491st Bomber Group, (Heavy)
US Army Air Force

Killed in Action: 24 March 1945 over Europe

Plot H, Row 11, Grave 14
Netherlands American Cemetery
Margraten, Netherlands
Private Amos K. Cottrell
Duke Center

51st Armored Infantry Battalion, 4th Armored Division,
US Army

Killed in Action: 31 March 1945

Plot I, Row 4, Grave 13
Netherlands American Cemetery
Margraten, Netherlands
Private First Class Wilbur Melvin Childs

328th Regiment, 26th Division, US Army

Died of Illness/Wounds: 5 April 1945, age 21.

Repatriated Remains: 18 January 1949
Buried: Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred
Aviation Ordnanceman 3/c, Lee E. Stull


Killed in Action: 16 April 1945

Kamakaze attack in the South Pacific.

Buried at Sea
Tech Sergeant Virgil C. Kinney

US Army

Killed in Action: 22 April 1945, age 30.
Luzon, Philippines

Repatriated Remains: 7 August 1948
Buried: Turtlepoint, PA

Virgil also appears on Port Allegany & Portville, NY, Honor Rolls.

Private Albert R. Roberts
Bullis Mills, Eldred

36th Armored Infantry Battalion, 3rd Armored Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 18 April 1945

Plot B, Row 20, Grave 14
Netherlands American Cemetery,
Margraten, Netherlands

Corporal Robert G. Foster
Duke Center

Company B, 1st Regiment, 7th Cavalry, US Army

Killed in Action: 18 September 1950, age 19.
Near Waegaens, South Korea

Buried: McKean Memorial Park, Mt. Alton
Sergeant Neil K. Dorrion

Corpsman, Medical Company, 5th Infantry Regimental Combat Team, 24th Infantry Division, US Army

Killed in Action: 4 November 1950
Kunu-ri, North Korea.

Buried: Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville, NY
Radarman 2/c Edward L. Knickerbocker

US Navy

Died in Service: Killed in car accident while home on leave, 31 July 1951

Buried: Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville, NY
Private First Class Clyde E. Anderson

Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines,
First Marine Division

Killed in Action: 11 December 1952

Private William A Reedy

15th Regiment, 3rd Division, US Army

Killed in Action at 'Outpost Harry': 12 June 1953, age 25.


Buried: Eulalia Cemetery, Coudersport

Private First Class
Robert Dean Morris

5th Marines, First Marine Division

Killed in Action
(friendly fire)
23 March 1970, age 20.

Quang Nam Province
Republic of South Vietnam

Moody Hollow Cemetery, Coryville

Corpsman, 2nd Class
Albert C. Bachman, Jr.

US Navy medic attached
to First Marine Division

Killed in Action:
8 June 1970, age 22.

Quang Nam Province
Republic of South Vietnam

Grimes Cemetery, Port Allegany

Lance Corporal
Warren C. "Butch" Farr
Eldred, PA

1943 - 1962

Died of accidental gun shot wounds while on guard duty at US Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia

Private First Class
Richard H. Schollard
Duke Center, PA

1945 - 1965

Died in motor vehicle accident while stationed in Germany.