Staff Sergeant Wallace K. Anderson

Killed in Action: November 22, 1944
413th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division

Posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal when he left his foxhole as he saw a truck burst into flames after hitting an anti-tank mine. In the face of an intense German artillery and mortar barrage, he made his way across 250 yards of enemy fire swept terrain to the stricken vehicle. Despite the flames and concentrated enemy shelling, Anderson successfully extricated an officer and two enlisted men who were injured and helplessly trapped in the truck before being killed himself.

Staff Sergeant Merle L. Hartburg
Radio Operator
403rd Bomber Squadron, 43rd Bomber Group

Missing in Action: November 27, 1942
South Pacific

Tablets of the Missing
Manila American Cemetery
Manila, Philippines

Earl Flickinger
Wounded in Action: Germany
Donald Kinney
Wounded in Action: Germany
Charles Howson, Jr.
Wounded in Action: Iwo Jima

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