Tracey J. Caldwell

Civilian Contractor
Cavite Navy Yard

Drowned at Sea
October 24, 1944

When the Japanese prisoner of war ship Arisan Maru was sunk accidentally by the American submarine USS Shark in the Sea of China, east of Hong Kong. He was one of ten civilian Navy employees captured and interred in the Philippines. Over 1,800 American prisoners of war, plus some Dutch and British, were on board the ship when it was sunk and 1,793 drowned. It was the largest loss of American military lives in a single disaster at sea.

Jerome J. Morgan

Killed in Action:
September 28, 1944

Buried: Plot N, Row 15, Grave 61
Manila American Cemetery,
Manila, Philippines

Fought at Guadalcanal
and New Guinea.

Paul L. Rader

786th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Killed in Action: April 5, 1945

McKean Memorial Park,
Lafayette Twp.
Repatriated: December 7, 1948

Friend E. Shonts

Company B,
702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion
Died of Wounds:
November 23, 1944 in Germany

McKean Memorial Park,
Lafayette Twp
Repatriated: August 18, 1948

Shonts was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for gallantry in action on October 4, 1944 in Germany. A gunner on a M-10 tank destroyer, Shonts was ordered into action against an approaching German panzer in the streets of a German town before them. The enemy tank, which had not been accurately located, had already repelled two attacks by American tanks. Knowing that their tank would be destroyed if they could not detect and destroy the enemy tank within a few seconds after entering the streets, PFC Shonts and the rest of the crew unhesitatingly advanced forward. The enemy tank opened fire at close range but missed with the first round. Shonts’ tank destroyer remained in place and fired twice in rapid succession. Almost immediately their M-10 was hit twice and burst into flames. Two of the crew were killed instantly and the remaining three were injured.

George E. Thompson, Jr.


700th Bomber Squadron,
445th Bomber Group, Heavy

Killed in Action:
November 29, 1944
over Germany

Ned R. Francis

Company L,
60th Infantry Regiment,
9th Infantry Division

Killed in Action: April 8, 1943
North Africa

McKean Memorial Park,
Lafayette Twp.
Repatriated: June 1, 1948

Harry L. Stokes

323rd Bomber Squadron,
91st Bomber Group, Heavy

Missing in Action:
September 27, 1943
over Emden, Germany

Tablets of the Missing at
Netherlands American Cemetery Margraten, Netherlands

Was on board the B-17
“Rebel’s Revenge”

Lee B. MacDonald

1328th Base Unit,
U.S. Army Air Force

Died of Illness:
December 30, 1945
Halleron General Hospital,
Staten Island, NY

McKean Memorial Park,
Lafayette Twp

Clifford E. Johnson
Wounded in Action: North Africa
Bernard Cornelius
Wounded in Action: France
Roy A. Shannon
Wounded in Action: Belgium

Thomas H. Brown

P-47 Thunderbolt pilot
Prisoner of War:
December 14, 1944

Lucien P. Lawson

B-17 Radio Operator

Prisoner of War:
October 15, 1944

James Schraeder
Salamanca, NY
was tailgunner on same B-17

Guy A. Sambroia

Armored Infantry Battalion

Prisoner of War:
December 22, 1944

Earl P. Argue
Richard E. Brandes
Wilbur C. Barber
Clarence L. Burt
Clarence F. Bright
Floyd S. Boylan
Isaac W. Bundy
George D. Cole
George Cotton
Donald Clark
Robert G. Clark
Lelon E. Dailey
Earl C. Dreihaup
Frederick E. Eddy
Ivan Frick
Byron A. Francis
William R. Francis
Edward D. Fox
Clifford N. Frick
William Gault
Ira G. Geer
John W. Covert
Walter M. Graves
William R. Gross
Chester A. Hanold
Merle R. Hays
Robert E. Hays
Ralph B. Hall
LeRoy H. Hendrickson
Kenneth W. Hogue
Bruce Hinchman
Neil R. Hinchman
Lynton M. Irons
Alton N. Johnson
Kenneth M. Johnson
Paul E. Kenneson
Eugene D. Kightlinger
John R. Maynard
Francis R. Maynard
Willis L. Maynard
George C. Monjar
Robert D. Newman
Bernard C. Nick
Eugene A. Nick
Keith M. Niver
Ward R. Niver
Grover S. Neely
Jack L. Neely
LeRoy Neely
Darrel Osborne
Merrill M. Osgood
Harold H. Ostrander
Glendon B. Ostrander
Fay T. Ostrander
Howard M. Ostrander
Gerald Ostrander
Donald L. Roberts
Jack F. Roberts
Abby C. Russell
Guy A. Sambroia
James H. Schneller
Morris F. Schneller
Roy A. Shannon
Robert C. Skaggs
Stephen J. Stilson
Burrell J. Sprague, Jr.
Frank D. Sprague
Daniel O. Thomas
Joseph A. Thomas
Elmer G. Van Orman
John S. Vavalo
John M. Weary
Rexford A. Weed
Robert L. Willoughby
Delmar L. Work
Paul G. Ward
John R. Young
Lloyd G. Yoxtheimer
Russell S. Yoxtheimer