Staff Sergeant Quinten E. Lecker
Mount Alton

B-17 Tailgunner
Killed in Action: September 9, 1943
Over English Channel

Tech Sergeant 3 Grade John F. Gorton
Medical Corps, U.S. 5th Army, Italy
Died of Wounds: September 27, 1944

Awarded the Silver Star posthumously for gallantry in action on September 27, 1944. As word was received at the battalion aid station, which was a small Italian church, that two soldiers were seriously wounded and lying five hundred yards forward of a rifle company command post, Gorton volunteered to bring first aid and plasma to the men. Two previous attempts were stopped by intense German fire. Gorton had a rifle squad deployed to give cover fire and crawled forward. On his way across the open field, he was hit three times by emeny bullets. He was carried back to the battalion aid station and the doctor did all he could to save him. Gorton died of his wounds at the foot of the church alter. His gallant sacrifice of life in volunteering for an extremely hazardous mission reflected great credit upon himself and his unit.

Laverne Peterson
Wounded in Action: Germany

Wayde Vincent Atwell
Robert C. Bloss
Albert W. Black
Herbert Jay Cramer
Paul Henry Lasher
Jack Orlo Lent
Merle E. Stuchel
William H. Stuchel, Jr.
Floyd Virgil Towner
Bill Bloss
John Kane