Otto Township Sesquicentennial 1854 - 2004

Duke House

Slavin Hotel 1909 (originally Duke House) Frank Slavin, Proprietor
On the corner of Duke and Main Street stands one of the best hotels in the oil country, containing all the accommodations pertaining to a first class hostelry and having a billiard room and barber shop in connection. It was built by Mr. Charles Duke in the winter of 1877-78 and opend by Mr. George F. Fox in February 1878, during the great rush to this point, when it nobly stood the siege. At that time and the calmer days succeeding, its management has been such that its fame has spread far and wide throughout the county. In the hotel are the offices of the Western Union and the Empire Telegraph Lines, another great convenience to guests. Pittenger & Walsh's Livery at the rear of the hotel are spacious stables in connection with the house and does a large business in supplying the wants of travelers and running hacks and omnibuses to the railroad depot to meet each train. The building was destroyed along with a dozen other store fronts in October 1914.

Duke House stationary.