G. T. Dennis Botanic Remedies

G. T. Dennis, manufacturer of the Dennis Botanic Remedies, came to what is now Eldred in 1822 with his parents; in later years traveled extensively as far west as Illinois, and in 1873 established the "Great American Panacea," a medicine which was received with much favor. In later years he has introduced a number of medicines and extracts, all of which are accorded an excellent reputation by his neighbors of McKean county.

Also located in Eldred was Dr. Bates' Medicine Company which was formed in 1886, with Dr. Morgan and A. D. Gould members. Dr. Bates Electro-Magnetic Cure was patented and registered in 1887. The medicines were prepared in Eldred and advertised by a regular traveling company.

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Some examples and prices of Dennis' products:

Dennis' Blood and Liver Syrup
, for all diseases of the blood, liver or kidneys......$1.00

Dennis' Great American Panacea, for all pain......$.25

Dennis' Superior Cough Syrup, for all throat or lung problems......$.25

Dennis' Balm of Gilead Salve, for all sores, burns or piles......$.25

Dennis' Headache and Catarrh Snuff......$.25

Dennis' Indian Vegetable Liver Pills, for constipation or sick headache, etc......$.25

Dennis' Superior Extracts, vanilla, lemon, etc.
Orders solicited and satisfaction guaranteed.

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(left and middle) Dr. Wm. Hall's Balsam for the Lungs. These bottle's were found in the attic of my home which was built in 1878 by the Dennis family. Interesting to note is the instructions label is in both English and German.

(right) J. C. Welch, Druggist. Eldred, PA medicine bottle.


T. L. Sartwell & Company

Dr. Fenner's Golden Relief

This remedy cures all pain, as toothache, neuralgia, rheumatism and backache. Cures fresh cuts and bruises. CuresDiarrhoea, summer complaints, and dysentery.

Price: 25c, 50c and $1.00.
Sample: 10c.