St. Elmo Hotel
The St. Elmo Hotel was located at the corner of Railroad and Main Street, presently the Hamlin Bank, and was opened by B.W. Rice on June 12, 1882 and was formerly known the location of the Dolan House. The hotel was torn down in 1926 by Clare Burr. The location then became the Burr's Chevrolet Garage, which stood until the 1980s when Hamlin Bank built their new bank on this site.

Photo Postcard by Everett, Eldred PA (postmarked 1911)

Photo Postcard by J.W. Grassfield (postmarked 1910)

Photo Postcard by F.L. Rhodes (postmarked 1908)

Burr's Garage (formerly St. Elmo location) during the 1942 flood.