John Richter Jones

POST 158

Eldred, PA
J.R. Jones biography
by James M. DiRisio

The Colonel John Richter Jones Post, G. A. R., No. 158, was mustered in February 3, 1880, with C. C. Moses (died 1911), B. G. Spiller, F. M. Adams (died 1932), W. H. Richmond, W. A. Howell of 93rd New York (died 1930), L. D. Dennis (died 1884), James Marshall, J. S. Hicks, W. H. Hoffman, James Biggins of 2nd US Sharp Shooters (died 1916), Lewis Ralph, George Newland of 4th US Artillery (died 1917), A. J. Duryea of 207th Pennsylvania (died 1915), George W. Colegrove of 144th New York (died 1915), G. T. Dennis, E. H. Nichols and Ellis Coder.

Colonel Jones' 58th Regiment had its Company H raised in McKean County by Asa S. Cory, who also became its Captain (and namesake for Coryville?), but he became disabled by exposure in 1862 and returned home to Coryville. Captain Cory was also a member of the Eldred GAR Post 158 and died in 1892.

J. S. Hicks, of 11th US Regiment, was first commander, and G. T. Dennis, of 85th New York Volunteers, adjutant, succeeded in 1882 by A. J. Duryea, 207th Pennsylvania Infantry, who served until succeeded, January 8, 1886, by Adjt. William S. Hazen, of Sturgess' Rifle Regiment.

F. M. Adams, of 58th Pennsylvania Infantry, served as commander in 1883; J. S. Hicks in 1884; A. H. Mayo, of the US Engineer Corps, in 1885; C. C. Moses, in 1886; Major A. C. Douglass of 139th Pennsylvania, 1887 (died 1900); A. H. Mayo, 1888, with L. D. Hill (died 1904), of the 187th New York, adjutant, who was re-elected for 1889, when Patrick McDonald, of the 27th New York (died 1900), was elected commander. There were originally 153 members enrolled, of whom about 100 remained in the post until their deaths.

The speech of COL. J. RICHTER JONES in behalf of the officers and men of the 58th Regiment during the presentation of State flags by Governor Curtin on Saturday, December 7, 1861: "I thank you for this banner, which is this day presented to the Fifty-eighth Regiment. Truly, words are inadequate to express my feelings on receiving this emblem. When this banner was first raised my grandfather stood beside it, and men of my kin have fought under it in every battle field of the Republic. It has, therefore, an hereditary claim upon my devotion--a hereditary claim upon my life. But, sir, in addition to these feelings, there are others which appeal to us as to all Pennsylvanians. I come to speak of the great Republic of which this banner is the emblem, the nationality under which we have grown and lived. The flag is the representative of our country, involving all that is dear and sacred to our hearts, our happiness, homes and all we own--all we hope for, of the certain things of this earth. This banner is our symbol as of the sacred things of the world to come--is our Saviour's cross. Our nationality is the hope of the world. In this crisis, reminiscences cluster around our flag and link themselves with the sad thought that it is our brethren with whom we are contending. But we look without flinching upon domestic enemies, as well as foreign foes, and pledge ourselves never to trail this banner, nor hand it back until every Rebel in the land is suppressed, and the Republic contains an undivided people. Then, indeed, shall we be in the future, as in the past, the great Republic." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Company H of McKean County October 1, 1861:
Captain Asa H. Cory
Resigned (medical) August 21, 1862. Died 1892.
Captain Calvin C. Moses
Promoted captain August 1862. Captured July 6, 1863, returned and was mustered out April 16, 1865.
Died 1911, Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred.
Lieutenant Roswell Sartwell
Resigned November 25, 1862
Lieutenant F. N. Burnham
Promoted lieutenant November 1862.
Lieutenant Robert M. Overhiser
Transferred from Co. F, promoted captain April 17, 1865. Mustered out 1866 with rank of lieutenant.
Second Lieutenant David Ludwig
Died Philadelphia June 17, 1863.
Second Lieutenant W. E. Moses
Promoted to the First North Carolina Colored Regiment April 29, 1864.
Joseph S. Vaughn: Mustered out January 1866.
Norman J. Stanton: Mustered out in January 1866.
L. L. Dennis: Mustered out in January 1866. Died 1884, Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred.
Firnando Loop: Mustered out in January 1866. Loop Farm Cemetery, Eldred Township.
W. H. Richmond: Mustered out in December 1864.
W. M. Skiver: Mustered out in December 1864.
Alonzo Cross: Mustered out in October 1865.
Ed Baldwin: Mustered out in October 1865.
Allen Wightman: Died of wounds April 20, 1863.
John Bord: Allegedly deserted August 30, 1865.
Theodore F. Ostrander: Allegedly deserted August 30, 1865.
Cyrus Baldwin: Wounded Cold Harbor. Died 1891, Rixford Cemetery, Rixford.
Charles Rodenbush: Mustered out January 1866.
M. M. Griffin: Mustered out January 1866.
Niles Robbins: Disability discharge 1862.
Clark B. Hopkins: Disability discharge 1863.
Edgar C. Wolcott: Mustered out end of term. Died 1889, Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred.
George Ferris: Mustered out end of term.
Emory Skiver: Mustered out end of term.
W. D. Reitz: Drafted, mustered out end of term.
George J. Reitz: Drafted, mustered out end of term.
William Shafftstall: Drafted, mustered out end of term.
W. P. Fowler: Died September 21, 1864.
Henry H. Metcalf: Died Cameron County, returning from prison 1865.
W. D. Burlingame: Died Hampton VA, March 17, 1865.
M. D. Judson: Transferred to the Fourth United States Artillery.
Augustus Short: Transferred to the United States Signal Corps.
Anthony Breithaupt: Musician, sick at muster out.
George W. Bowen: Disability discharge in May 1865.
Nathan Boylan: Allegedly deserted December 31, 1865, after long service.
Privates & Unknown Ranks:
Eli Cummings: Company H, 58th Pennsylvania. Died 1928, Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred.
Private Charles M. Slack: Company H, 58th Pennsylvania. Transferred to 1st S Artillery
Battery D, 4th US Light Artillery. Died 1924, Oak Hill Cemetery, Eldred.
Alonzo Barton: Company H, 58th Regiment. Died 1913, Rixford Cemetery, Rixford.
Peter R. Davis: Company H, 58th Regiment. Died 1909, Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred.
William A. Wilmarth: Company H, 58th Regiment. Died 1914, Lamphier Cemetery, Eldred.
Oliver Haines: Mustered out in 1866.
J. M. Pelton: Discharged for promotion August 1863.
William K. Slack: Company H, 58th Regiment. Stull Town Cemetery, Eldred Township.

Deaths of private troops on field, wounded, or from disease:
Henry Blaisdell: Wounded April 20, died New Berne, NC, July 16, 1863.
James Baldwin: Wounded September 20, 1863, died October 12, 1864.
C. J. Carter: Died October 3, 1864
Henry D. Hagadorn: Died Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.
H. H. Haines: Died January 24, 1865.
John A. Jennings: Died February 23, 1863.
Leslie Lyons: Died July 7, 1864.
Charles N. Lawton: Wounded Cold Harbor/died Arlington VA.
Jerome Notting: Wounded September 29, 1864/died October 4 Hampton VA.
Philip Roades: Died September 24, 1864.