Slavin's Restaurant

The Frank Slavin family came to Eldred around 1914 when their hotel, the former Duke House in Duke Center, burned and destroyed over a dozen businesses on main street.

In 1915, Frank Slavin made an application to install the first gasoline pump on main street. In 1923 Frank opened the "Kozy Koffee" shop.

All three of his sons became successful Eldred businessmen. Kenneth was a well established electrician and pilot. Russell took over his father's restaurant business in 1946 and Francis "Spike" Slavin operated a gas station and later a furniture store well into the 1970s, currently the World War II museum. Russell's son Bill operated the restaurant and tavern until the 1990s and is currently Farmelos Restaurant.


First Slavin's Restaurant. Current location is the empty lot next to the WWII Museum and in front of Bidwells Automotive.

Slavin's Restaurant second and current building location.

1972 Flood