McKean County
Grand Army of the Republic
Civil War Veterans

Henry H. Metcalf
POST 431

Port Allegany

Organized May 15, 1884, with E. Horton, Commander; C.A. Larrabee, Senior Vice Commander; John Dean, Junior Vice Commander; C.N. Barrett, Quarter Master; Dr. Hogarth, Surgeon; S.S. Steele, Chaplain; C.W. Wagner, O.D., and Melvin Hall, O.G. Commander Wright, of the McKean Post 347, presided.

The post's name is for Henry H. Metcalf, who came with his parents to Port Allegany in 1857, enlisted in the 58th Pennsylvania Infantry in August 1862 and was taken prisoner at Fair Oaks. He was confined in the Confederate prisons at Richmond and Salisbury, and while returning with his mother died two miles north of Emporium, April 25, 1865.

The charter members were: C.N. Barrett, 46th Pennsylvania; M.E. Hall, 58th Pennsylvania; C.A. Larrabee, 85th New York; William Van Loon, 1st New York Dragoons; Chester Baker, 58th Pennsylvania; A.S. Ames, 136th Pennsylvania; B.G. Bartle, 23rd New York; A.A. Goodwin, 58th Pennsylvania; I. Studley, 211th Pennsylvania; H.D. Helmer, 85th New York; F.N. Hogarth, First K.R.; S. Steele, 187th Pennsylvania; I.B. Harrup, 198th Pennsylvania; Yates Anson, 53rd Pennsylvania; John Dehn, 1st Minnesota; L. Burrows, 199th Pennsylvania; E. Horton, 1st New York Dragoons; R.S. Dexter, 76th Pennsylvania; William Rauber, 188th New York Volunteers; S.R. Semens, 211th Pennsylvania; C.W. Wagner, 1st Light Artillery; Rufus Coombs, 17th New York.

The position of commander has since been filled by Horton's time with C.N. Barrett, B.G. Bartle and R.H. Camp. The two last named have served as adjutants, a position now well filled by E.F. Cornell. There are thirty-five members. The officers of Metcalfe Post for 1890 are A.S. Ames, J.M. Matthews, L. Burrows, I.S. Fogle, A.A. Peling and J.F. Sharp, with C.C. Ward and I.S. Fogle, delegates, and C.C. Ward, adjutant.

Port Allegany GAR
From the Boys of '61 to the Boys of 1918.
M.E. Hall, B.F. Burt, D.M. Wright, A.A. Peling, B.A. Haynes,
M.M. Griffin, A.R. Barnaby, Walter Ostrander, Jonothan Studley, Peter Benjamin, Joseph Brown, G.W. Winship, A.S. Ames, Wm. VanLoon, Frank Acre, W.M. Hamilton, C.H. Cole, John Ross, John Falk, John Stevens, Julius Hodges, Sherman Holcomb,
Chester Coleman, George Peckam, Perry Eliot and Chas. Wagner.

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