USS Borie (DD-704)

Kamikaze Suicide Attack on USS Borie
During 9 July 1945 to 9 August 1945, she served with TF 38 in its raids on the Japanese home islands. While the American planes were comparatively unopposed over the target areas, the ships of the task force were encountering heavy Japanese opposition. The destroyer picket group and combat air patrol were able to take care of the major part of the attack, however, and together they knocked down 12 enemy planes. Destroyer picket group No. 1 was the target for four suicide attacks. At 14:54 on August 9th, Borie in this group was hit and badly damaged by one of these Kamikaze planes. It dropped one bomb which missed; then made a sharp turn to come in on Borie from astern and crashed into her superstructure between the mast and the 5-inch gun director causing extensive damage, killing 48 men, and wounding 66. Borie was the only ship of the THIRD Fleet to suffer serious damage during this entire period of operations.