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National Powder Company - Then & Now
The National Powder Company became Joyce National Powder and operated up to the early 1980s. The facility occupied over 200 acres and consisted of 43 buildings, a dump area and nitro-glycerine pond. The site was auctioned to approximately thirty separate purchasers, and no one was aware of the presencce of extremely hazardous materials still on site. The Department of Environmental Protection became involved in 1997 and the area declared a superfund clean-up with $800,000 allocated towards the disposal of the chemicals on site. Blasting agents, explosives A, nitro-glycerine and dinitrotolune were in buildings that were open, many with no doors and windows. Over 200 laboratory containers and 50 drums containing hazardous materials, some leaking, had to be stabilized and 24-hour security brought in to secure the area from trespass. The small on-site railroad was torn up in 1981 and sold to the Bucksgahuda & Western Railroad Company in St. Marys, PA.

Main Offices during 1940s

Main Offices in 2005

Tearing up the rails in 1981.